Sonerezh Lous #6

A Moldy Peach 4 janvier 2024

Abadenn 6, Love&Violence

Penelope Trappes – Connector (Penelope 2, 2018, houndstooth)
Boy Harsher – Love (Lesser man , 2014, Nude club)
Andy Stott – Violence (Faith in strangers, 2014, Modern love)
Fois gras – Hate Fantasy (Holy Hell, 2019, Yellow Year)
Anita Lane – If I should die (Dirty Pearl, 1993, Mute)
Big|Brave – Muted shifting of space (A gaze among them, 2019, Southern lord recording)
Protomartyr – Make way (Formal growth in the desert, 2023, Domino)
Xiu Xiu – The wrong thing (Girl with basket of fruit, 2019, Altin village and mine)
Nature and organisation ft. Current 93 – The Bloodstreamsruns (Snow leopard messiah, 1996, Trisol)
Depresion Sonora – Como todo el mundo (El arte de morir muy despacio, 2022, Sonido Muchacho)
Telepop music ft. Angela McCluskey – Love can damage your health (Genetic World, 2001, Universal)

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