Sonerezh Lous #12

A Moldy Peach 25 avril 2024

Abadenn 12, Kleñved.

Coil – The Coppice Meat (Moon’s milk (in 4 phases), 2024, Dais records)
Cracked Machine – Desert Haze (Wormwood, 2024, Burning mountain records)
Earth ball – A need to cool down (Single, 2024, Upset the rythm)
Big|Brave – Canon : in canon (A chaos of flowers, 2024, Thrill Jockey records)
Quai Bondy ft. Reine – The lost little fish (Single, 2024, Kasanostra)
The dance society – The lies (The loop, 2024, 640854 records)
Bambara – Stay Cruel (Stray, 2020, Wharf cat records)
Sexy Sushi – Il faut plonger les enfants dans des cuvettes de sang (Vous n’allez pas repartir les mains vides, 2013, Warrior records)
Artemas – I like the way you kiss me (Single, 2024, autoproduction)
CocoRosie – Beautiful boyz (Noah’s ark, 2005, Touch and go records)

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