1-Pop Group : Zipper face 2-Bowie : When i met you 3-Doctor John Cooper: Love potion 9 Singles of the week 4-The XX: On hold 5-The Wind and the Wave: Grand canyon 6-Madness: Mr Apples 7-The Beat: Walking on the wrong side 8-Simple Minds: Promised you a Miracle (acoustic) Dance Session 9-De/Vision: Synchronize (Mesh remix) 10-Covenant: If i give you my soul 11-Scheuber : Out of time 12-Blind Passenger: Fade to grey 13-Syntex: Catch my fool Albums of the week 14-Pretenders: Roadie Man ( « Alone ») 15-Pretenders: Never be together 16-White Lies : Morning in LA (« Friends ») 17- Whites Lies: Hold back your love 18- Gang of Four: Damager goods ( « Live….in the moment ») 19-Gang of Four: Isle of dogs